protector customized to the shape of your AV fistula.

CE-marked medical devices and meet all standards according to Regulation (EU) 2017/745 of the European Parliament.

Protect your AV fistula with our products


Made by a patient for the patients.

Advantages of the protector


It protects against hits, cuts, and pressure during daily activities, sports, and work.

drva košnjaa


It is made to the shape that keeps your AV fistula secure and comfortable without causing any compression to the vein.


It is quick and simple to put on, and being machine washable, it is perfect for everyday use.

Protector composition

The protector consists of three layers of sophisticated materials that are tailored to the patient’s AV fistula and allow for flexibility in wearing as well as strength in the area of exposed aneurysms. The materials are breathable and machine washable.