Which protector is the best for me? A protector for new AV fistulas or for existing AV fistulas?

Both protectors are intended to protect the area of the arm where the AV fistula was surgically created. In this place are the scar of the operation and the vein with high blood flow into which the arterial needles are inserted. As a result, the largest bulges – aneurysms – usually form in this area.

New AV fistula protector is intended for all patients who have just had an AV fistula operation or whose aneurysms have not yet developed/enlarged. We recommend purchasing this protector for all patients with a newly created AV fistula, as it is vital that the operation area is protected from impacts and cuts during the initial months. The protector can be safely used as long as the aneurysms are smaller than 1 centimeter, otherwise, the shield may limit blood flow and function of the AV fistula. You can order the protector in our online shop, where you also choose your arm size.

When aneurysms develop (which depends on each individual patient, the thickness of the vessel wall, and the blood flow in the AV fistula) and are larger than 1 centimeter, we make Protector for existing AV fistula. The protector is adapted to the shape of the AV fistula and is made for each patient individually. Thus, the shape of the protector provides protection and does not limit the blood flow in an already existing AV fistula. You can order the protector in our web store, and read more about the purchase process here.