How to order the protector?

You can order the protector in our online store with a few simple steps. Since each protector is adjusted to the user’s hand, after placing the order, you will receive an email with all the necessary instructions for measuring and recording your AV fistula.

We’ve also recorded an informative video on how to properly measure your AV fistula.

Step 1

Order the protector

Select your desired protector in the online shop and place your order.

Step 2


You will receive instructions by e-mail, which you should read carefully and prepare:
• €1 or €2 coin,
• a sewing tape measure,
• a smartphone with a good internet connection,
• ask another person to help you to make a record of your arm.
• Download instructions for scanning:
        o Lower Arm
        o Upper Arm

Step 3

Measure your arm

Measure your arm and take two photos Using a tape measure, measure your arm where you want the protector to start and end.
(We recommend that you measure below the aneurysm and also include the part where the AV fistula was operated on.)
Take a photo of the tape measure in both places.

Step 4

Make a video of your AV fistula

Prepare a €1 or €2 coin and place it in the crook of your fistula arm.
Make a video of AV fistula by capturing the coin and your entire fistula.
You can also help yourself with the video above.
If you are not satisfied with the recording, repeat the recording.

Step 5

Place your order

On email (provided in the instructions) send the following information: hand measurements (2 photos), video and
Personal data:
Name and surname: __________
Address: ____________
Tel. Number (optional): ____________
Arm circumference below AV fistula: _____ cm
Arm circumference above AV fistula: _____ cm
Coin: _____ €

Once we have received your email with the images and paid invoice, we will make the protector for you within 14 days.